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24 August 2011 @ 11:02 pm
What I thought about Heartstrings  

I started watching this drama because 1) just finished watching Jersey Shore and I got nothing else to do, 2) curious, 3) Heartstrings GIF’s lurking in tumblr is simply tempting, and 4) I actually think that Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa looks pretty good together
What I like about the drama:

1) If you want to watch a romantic comedy drama (like me), this isn’t for you. It is more on the LIGHT melodramatic side, although it has comedic punches every now and then, but not much. But hey! I like that for a change.

2) There was no third party involved! Yes. It really is a breathe of fresh air. Ok, there was somehow. But I don’t see Kim Suk Hyun (Song Chang Ui) that way, he is more of the overprotective older brother type and a mentor for Lee Kyu Won (Park). And Lee Shin’s (Yong Hwa) object of affection for the first few episodes, Jung Yoon Soo (So Yi Hyun) is actually inlove with Suk Hyun. And they made that clear early in the story, thank God! Plus I’d say it really isn’t love that Shin has for the professor but more of a crush. Heehee.

3) I really feel kilig, giddy and happy while watching these two. They really do have a good chemistry!!

4) The much abused slave-master contract in kdramas/jdramas. I know what you are thinking, if it is shouldn’t it be at the “I don’t like” side? Well, although it somehow made a way for the two characters to connect they didn’t overuse it.

5) Boys who play in the band. ‘nuff said.

6) Kyu Won’s grandfather’s eccentricities which makes him so adorable!!

7) The OST

8) I like how they present Kyu Won in a not so cutesy way. I mean, I know nothing about fashion but her wearing high waisted ankle skirts and loose shirts is different from the usual short shorts/ skirts/ dresses that female leads in most dramas wear. But thinking about it, the girl has been living with her old fashioned grandpa all her life, it's only reasonable she dresses conservatively.

9) I also like how both love teams, Lee Shin - Kyu Won and Suk Hyun - Yoon Soo, didn't have a useless fight just because of jealousies and/or insecurities. Even though rumors are flying around that something is going on between Kyu Won and Suk Hyun, their partners firmly stood beside them and supported them. Ah~ trust, I like seeing it.

10) The supporting characters. Kyu Won's friends, especially Cha Boo Won (Im Se Mi) who according to Lee Shin would always have the perfect timing to get between them. Translation: Interupt them in the most important situations. The three nosy girls. They are the perfect "scene stealers" of this drama.

11) The hug at episode 12 and the peck on the forehead at episode 13. Let me spazz for a bit. JAJIEJRAEJRNVJAFNNEWIOTFEOAWGFOANRU!!!!! Hoo! XD

12) Hyun Ki Young's (Lee Hyun Jin) abs at episode

What I don’t like much about the drama:

1) I was fighting off sleepiness for the first half of the drama. Yes, FIRST HALF. I only became attentive around episode 8 or 9 since the story is somehow on the slow side and then they suddenly rushed things over.

2) The story lines during the first few was really messed up. I’m somehow confused. They were unfolding different kinds of sub-plots and introducing different characters at the same time. Or maybe that's just because my poor brain can’t handle too much information.

3) Simple outgoing cheerful girl and super cool, popular, cold as ice guy. Meh~ I’ve had enough of it. Can’t they think of any other personalities?

4) Uncanny similarities with You’re Beautiful. Okay, the  very first time I heard about this I actually that that there’s a lot of heartbroken Mi Nam - Shin Woo (Park and Yong Hwa’s characters in YB) shippers out there, especially the casting director. Comparisons are inevitable since the former drama is actually a big hit and both of them were starring in it. Similarities include, their parent’s status - being in love/together at some point during their younger years. Simple cheerful girl and popular cool guy. Their characters loves having a date in an ice cream cafe. Park's character obsessing over stars. And the name calling, I’m sorry Yong Hwa but your "Teddy Bear" is not a match with the infamous "Pig Rabbit".

5) Han Hee Joo's (Woo Ri) mother. This woman doesn't have any redeeming quailities at all. At first, I was on all about her just wanting to have the best for her daughter Hee Joo. But then she is pushing her too much and going as far as having the performance cancelled, that MANY STUDENTS have worked their butts off, just because her daughter can't take center stage. And not to mention the fact that she doesn't believe in her daughter's abilities by being threatened with Kyu Won. Rawr. I'm annoyed.

6) I f*cking hate how adorable clueless guy Yeo Joon Hee (Kang Min Hyuk) stuck up with brat Hee Joo. Yeah, I know love is blind and all but that kid is so good and Hee Joo doesn't deserve him. I can't stand him moping because of that girl. I am so pro Bo Woon - Joon Hee on this one.

7) One MAJOR turn off about this drama is about a sensitive yet prevalent social issue nowadays - weight obsession. Not because they included it, I was actually glad that they did but they didn't do a thing about it. I mean it pissed me off when Joon Hee who actually has bulimia was set off as a good example by Suk Hyun to Kyu Won for doing a good job by watching her weight. Uhh, hello?!! She is starving herself to death, eating/drinking nothing but water and feeling extremely guilty for wanting to eat a bar of chocolate. A good way to encourage girls to do the same. >:( No. I really don't like it.

8) For me, the series pretty much ended and has reached it's climax at the beginning of episode 14 when Lee Shin rushed to the crying Kyu Won backstage telling her that "For him, she is the best lead actress". The series started off fine then gradually went up and was just on a straight line 'til the end.

The verdict:

Summing it all up, the storyline is pretty much average nothing out of the ordinary and it is predictable, it was actually the actors and the OST that keep me hanging unto it. Like I said, the chemistry was awesome. Yong Hwa, comparing his YB stint, REALLY improved but he still has a long way to go in proving himself as an actor. Shin Hye on the other hand is still awesome the girl can act. Her singing voice isn't extremely extraordinary and her dancing 'Satisfaction' during the last episode actually relived my girl crush on her. HAHAH. The supporting characters especially Jang Seo Won and Lee Hyun Jin is just hot. I want to give it a 6 because the story didn't appeal to me that much but it was saved by the cutesy scenes that'd the viewer all giddy and warm and, again, the OST.

I give this drama a 7/10.

How about you?

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