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07 December 2011 @ 09:46 pm
terrible performance is terrible  
which is applicable to their MEIKYUU LOVE SONG perf at tonight's FNS.

I was at work when I saw the ruckus. I cannot wait to get home. I've expected the worse.

After seeing it...

Out of tune, out of sync.. LOL. It wasn't that bad at the beginning but I felt like they just want to get the hell out of the stage as soon as possible towards the end. Well, at least they still look fine. Very fine.

Back to the singing disaster that is tonight's Meikyuu Love Song, it was bad BUT I've seen/heard worse (and I have a JE group in mind that I'd rather not disclose) and we all know that they aren't that great of a SINGER to begin with. Even for Ohno whom I claim to have the best voice out of the five sounded very shaky.

I've read comments that blames FujiTV with burning passion, I think they have to sit and take a chill pill. They don't want that to happen, I can only imagine how the post prod meeting might look like. Accidentally messing up the performance of one of Japan's current top rating idol groups, one of the worst thing EVER. But then, it's a live event anything can go wrong it just so happened that the "worse" has happened to Arashi. There's nothing we can do about it.

News and tabloids might have a field day about it and I'm curious on how is this going to affect them.

..and the song "Imouto" was redeeming for them.

There is always a new day waiting for us. I'm still a BIG ARASHI FAN. Haters' gonna hate. Such thing won't lessen my love for them. I STILL LOVE MY BOYS.
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