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28 January 2012 @ 08:38 pm
i've been busy as a bee  
There wasn't much of a difference with this year's beginning from last year's last month. I've been very busy. I'd like to think that my work has taken much of my time but this isn't the case. I can't seem to have that enough free time that'd satisfy me. I don't know why!!

Anyway, a lot has changed since last month. I've come to notice how the updates and releases have been pretty slow and rare lately, that is compared to last year. It could have been because of the PIPA/SOPA/ACTA crap that has been going on. Ugh. Just when I discovered a way of downloading releases through MU. Rrrrrrrr. It feels like the end of the world is coming, that at least is in regards with my fangirl life. I am currently on a mission to panic download ALL videos that I don't have in my HD. Which then reminds me that I have to soon buy a new one since mine will soon be reaching it's limit. I'm planning to start downloading the oldest (e.g. D no Arashi) up to the newest. It's good that our internet speed is pretty decent.

It's DSF at the moment, which means sales and bargains and red tags. It's like a shopaholics dream land. Although, in a week's time everything will be back to normal. February hasn't even started yet and I've already pretty much spent my hard earned AED's this January. So now, I'm sorta worried that Arashi might announce the release of their tour DVD and I might not be able to get one 'til the end of February. I wish they won't release a LE of it, so that I won't go green with envy when everyone from the flist blog about their LE copies. Oh, a fangirl problem indeed.

Me and my mom went to the Dubai mall yesterday and it is obligatory that we pass by Konukoniya whenever we are there. Harhar. Went to check out Japanese section, as usual. It sucks not to see the boys on magazine covers anymore!!! I know that it's been a year but it still sad. :( Putting aside that sad thought, I've stumbled upon this find...

It's a Kai-kun activity book, with stickers and all those stuff. It's so cute!
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